Technology Services

The Information Technology Services Department provides administrative and instructional technology services to support the district's mission to ensure ALL students become lifelong learners, caring individuals and responsible citizens. Since our main focus is to support the endeavors of others in the district, we focus our goals in the following areas: 

1.  Student Achievement
2.  Professional Development 
3.  Administrative Technology/Software/Support
4.  Instructional Technology/Software/Support

We continue to work on these areas combining our efforts with the building leadership and staff and administrative services team. Our goals are to implement a district wide 1:1 student device program, increase the use of online or blended learning opportunities for students, continue to work with teachers and staff to integrate technologies into the curriculum in ways that improve/enhance student achievement, continue to work with the Library Media Departments on Information/Technology Literacy, and to ensure that our infrastructure supports the needs of the district. 

You are welcome to call us at any time to review additional services and technologies that are being used by staff and students.  You can also find additional information about the district from our web page at