SDMA Weekly COVID Update - 8/12/2020

SDMA Weekly COVID Update - 8/12/2020
Posted on 08/12/2020

Hello SDMA Families and Staff.

This is the type of message that you can expect to receive from me each week when the new COVID-19 numbers come out on Wednesdays.............

The data listed on the Dunn County Dashboard was updated today.  You can see that there are now 131 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Dunn County (up from 112 last week) and 5,853 negative test results (up from 5,447 last week).  There were 33 newly confirmed cases in the past two weeks (down from 38 last week) which results in a MODERATELY HIGH burden of 73.7 new cases per 100,000 people in Dunn County (down from 85 last week).  The trend for the past two weeks in Dunn County is still level ( <-->).

If school was in session right now, this data report would likely result in the SDMA continuing with the In-Person Learning Environment as noted on the 2020-2021 SDMA Instructional Model Graphic where all grade levels would be allowed to have in-person instruction with full enrollment. If the BURDEN level in Dunn County increases to HIGH and the TREND level was increasing, additional mitigation measures (like moving to the Blended Learning Environment) would probably be necessary.

Thank you.

Joe Zydowsky