SDMA Weekly COVID Update - 10/7/2020

SDMA Weekly COVID Update - 10/7/2020
Posted on 10/07/2020

Hello SDMA Families and Staff.

The data listed on the Dunn County Dashboard was updated today, and you can see that there is now a cumulative total of 706 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Dunn County (up from 612 last week) and 8,636 negative test results (up from 8,366 last week). The 7-day moving average for Dunn County is now at 19.3 cases per day or 42.5 per day/100,000 people (down from 27.02 cases per day or 59.5 cases per day/100,000 people last week).

In looking at graphs of the cumulative and daily COVID-19 data broken down by age, it can be seen that the increase in Dunn County cases is still mostly associated with young adults. Some of the increases (5 of the estimated 27 new cases) in the 10-19 age range this past week have been in the SDMA. There is now a cumulative total of 17 confirmed and 1 probable case of COVID reported in our students (up from 13 last week) with the following breakdown:

  • Menomonie High School-   13 (up from 10)
  • Menomonie Middle School- 4  (up from 3)
  • Menomonie Elem. Schools- 1 probable case (up from 0) *a probable case is determined by the health department when a test might not confirm COVID-19, but other factors indicate the designation. More information about the definition of a probable case is posted on the CDC website.

Also, to follow up on yesterday's data report, please note that some of the student COVID cases in the SDMA have now been deemed "recovered", and a number of students have been released from the mandatory isolation period. With 2,827 students participating in the in-person instructional model, we currently have 5 active student cases 0.18% (down from 6 active cases/0.21% last week) in the SDMA with the following breakdown:

  • Menomonie High School-    3 
  • Menomonie Middle School- 1 
  • Menomonie Elem. Schools- 1 probable

There have been a total of 4 staff cases in the SDMA (up from a total of 3 last week), 3 of which have been deemed "recovered", so there is currently 1 active staff case in the SDMA.

As anticipated, the number of student exclusions in the SDMA has dropped significantly over the past week. Today 5.77% of the students in the SDMA were excluded from school due to close contacts, symptoms, or other COVID-19 concerns (down from 9.52% last week). 

The current breakdown of SDMA student exclusions includes:

  • Menomonie High School-     6.46% (down from 17.35% reported last week)
  • Menomonie Middle School-  6.64% (up from 6.49%)
  • Wakanda Elementary-          3.74% (down from 7.17%)
  • River Heights Elementary-    7.85% (up from 6.65%)
  • Oaklawn Elementary-           2.87% (down from 4.46%)
  • Knapp Elementary-               1.35% (same as 1.35%)
  • Downsville Elementary-         3.95% (up from 2.63%)
  • Menomonie 4K-                     6.63% (same as 6.63%)

All COVID-19 cases are concerning, but this data report is really good news for our school district. Please encourage your children and members of your household to Wash Up, Back Up, and Mask Up. Also, please see the attached information about a free less-invasive testing opportunity in the region. It is very important that people in our community take COVID-19 seriously so we can see case counts continue to go down which will results in more opportunities for our children.

Thank you.

Joe Zydowsky