Curriculum Maps (Scope & Sequence)

The School District of the Menomonie Area is pleased to announce that beginning with the 2018-2019 school year families will have access to K-12 curriculum maps via our district website. Curriculum maps provide a general overview of courses, along with the units and topics covered at each grade level by course. Curriculum maps are updated on an ongoing process in an effort to remain current, as well as to be responsive to the needs of all learners. Should you have questions related to the curriculum for any course, you are invited to contact the teacher of your student, or the building principal who can assist in directing you to the best individual to address your question.

To access the curriculum maps currently in use, please select the links below:

SDMA Curriculum Maps (Scope and Sequence) K-12
Select the above link to access our EMBARC (formerly know as Build Your Own Curriculum) database.  Once the database opens, you can search by grade, keyword, or department. 

Elementary Curriculum (Scope/Sequence Overview Document)
(Updated curriculum resources are now in use within grades K-5 for English Language Arts following the most recent program review. As a result, staff will be following a modified pacing guide for the current school year in ELA. Curriculum map updates are currently underway. . Individuals interested in viewing the current grade K-5 pacing guide can find it here.)

SDMA Program Review Timeline
View the current schedule for reviewing academic programs within the SDMA. Please note that this timeline is reviewed on an annual basis and updated as needed.