Health Services

The goal of school health services is to promote safety and remove or reduce barriers to learning. We know that students who are healthy learn more and students who learn more are healthier. We wish all students to have a healthy and rewarding educational experience!

Student Health Services Coordinator:
Ramie McMahon, RN, BSN 

Phone: 715-440-0213

[email protected]


Student Health Assistants can assist your student if they become ill during the school day.  



Kayla Hay, MA

715-232-3798, X-52102

[email protected]


River Heights

Sarah Hirsch, LPN

715-232-3987, X-60145

[email protected]



Dawn Shackleton, LPN

715-232-3898, X-70103

[email protected]


Middle School

Taryn Carryl, RN

715-232-1673, X-30103

[email protected]


High School

NKauji (Zong) Vang, MA

715-232-2609, X-40105

[email protected]