SDMA January Update

SDMA January Update
Posted on 01/15/2024

Dear SDMA Families and Staff,

Greetings from the school district office!

As we approach the end of the first semester, here is an update on several items related to our schools in the SDMA:

Winter Weather- it usually is not easy to decide whether or not to have school when winter storms hit, and today was no exception. Thank you to our bus drivers, students, staff, and families for allowing us to have school today despite the less than ideal conditions. Students, please remember to slow down and take your time when road conditions and visibility are not perfect. Students should also remember to dress appropriately for the weather and have extra clothes in your vehicle in case you have any problems traveling to or from school. While we do our best to consider all factors when making school closing decisions, parents have the ultimate authority for deciding whether to send students to school on days like today. Also, for the students who contacted me, I will not take bribes for calling off school :)

Highlight on Youth- it has been a great month in the SDMA. Please check out the January Highlight on Youth Report that was shared with the school board on Monday.

Referendum Election- the referendum election in the SDMA will be held on February 20. Several referendum presentations have already been held in the school district, and many more presentations are scheduled over the next month. Please be sure to check out the referendum page on the district website to learn more about this important election and make plans to vote on February 20. If you have questions about the referendum, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Student Activities- students from across the school district have been working hard in their classes and they have been busy participating in a variety of school and community activities. Menomonie High School's DECA team and Science Olympiad team recently participated in major competitions, and the Mustangs wrestling team and girls basketball team and both vying for conference championships. Many students are involved with winter sports and activities, so please check out the schedules posted on the school district website for upcoming opportunities to catch our Menomonie students in action. Please also note that the Wakanda 5th Graders will be hosting National Park Ranger Night on Wednesday, January 17 from 4:30-6:00 pm in the Wakanda Elementary School Gym.    

State Testing- State testing begins soon, so it might be a good idea for families to have a discussion about the value of students doing their best on the state tests. A good and honest effort on the state tests can help our school district better determine where programming can be improved and where extra support might be needed. It can also help families and school staff better identify student talents and needs when advising and supporting them for their desired futures. This flyer from National PTA might be a decent resource for parents to consider when thinking about state tests.

It looks like we might be in for some more winter weather for the next couple weeks, so please stay tuned and stay warm.

Go Mustangs!

Joe Zydowsky