Table of Contents

                                                    SCHOOL DISTRICT POLICIES                              
Revised 10/31/16
                                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS


       110, Philosophy of Education
       111, Board Leadership – Vision, Advocacy, Accountability, Structure
       131, School Board Elections
       132, Filling Board Vacancies
       141, Board Officers
       142, Legal Counsel
       150, Board Governance
       151, Policy Development and Evaluation
       152, Timelines for Board Decision Making
       161, Board Member Authority and Responsibility
       161.1, Attendance at Board Meetings
       161.2, Board Member Access to Information
       162, New Board Member Orientation
       163, Board Member Development Opportunities
       163.1, School Board Memberships
       164, School Board Member Compensation and Expenses
164-Exhibit(1), Refusal to Accept Board Member Salary
       165, Board Member Ethical Standards
166, Board Member Electronic Communications
       170, Board Meetings
       171.2, Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
       171.2-Exhibit, Agenda Format
       174, Board Organizational Meeting
       181, Rules of Order
       182, Quorum
       183, Voting Methods
       184, Minutes
       185, Board Committees
       185-Rule, Board Standing Committee Procedures
       186, Advisory Committees to the Board
       187, Public Participation at Board Meetings
       190, Recognition for Accomplishment (Board Members)


       224, Board-Administrator Relations
225. District Administrator Evaluation
225.1, Administrative Evaluations
       231, District Administrator (Job Description)
       251, Organization for Administrative Purposes
       251-Exhibit(1), Administrative Organization
       251-Exhibit(2), Administrative Function Chart
       252.1, Development of Administrative Rules


       322-Rule, School Day
       330, Curriculum Direction
333, Parents Rights in Relation to District Programs/Activities and Student Privacy
       342, Special and Alternative Education Programs
       342.1, Programs for Students with Disabilities
       342.11, Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)
342.11-Rule, Procedure to Obtain an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)at Public Expense
342.12, Service Animals in Schools
       342.2, Title I Program
       342.3, Gifted and Talented Programs
       343.1, Class Size and Combined and Split Grades
       343.12, Class Schedules
       343.3, Virtual Education (Online Learning)
       343.3-Rule, Virtual Education (Online Learning)
       343.3-Exhibit(1), SDMA Evaluation Checklist for Virtual Courses Vendor Provided
       343.3-Exhibit(2), Student Application – SDMA Online Learning
       343.4, Course Options Program
       343.4-Rule, Procedures for Handling Course Applications Through Course Options Programs
       343.42, Youth Options Program
       343.42-Rule, Guidelines for Awarding High School Credit for Youth Options Program Courses
       343.44, Part-Time Open Enrollment
343.45, Technical College Course Program
343.46, Early College Credit Program
344.1, Grading Systems
       344.1-Rule, Grading Procedures
       344.32, Diplomas for Certain Veterans
       345.11, Student Grade Placement
       345.6, Graduation Requirements
       345.6-Rule, Procedures for Awarding High School Credit for Middle School Courses
       345.7, High School Graduation Date
       346, Student Records
       346-Rule, Guidelines for Maintenance and Confidentiality of Student Records
       346-Exhibit, Student Data Directory Information Notice/ Request to Withhold Directory Data
       361, Educational Materials Selection and Evaluation
       361-Rule, Guidelines for Reconsideration of Educational Materials
       361-Exhibit, Request for Reconsideration of Educational Materials
       362, Acceptable Use of Internet/Technology Resources
       362-Rule, Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Internet/Technology Resources/Worldwide Web Page
       362.1, Resource Sharing of Library Materials
       363.3, Technology Concerns for Students with Special Needs
       363.3-Rule, Guidelines for Technology Concerns for Students with Special Needs
       370, Extracurricular and Interscholastic Athletic Activities
       370-Rule(1), Extracurricular Expectations
       370-Rule(2), Middle School Extracurricular Code
       370-Rule(3), High School Performing Arts Code
       370-Rule(4), High School Athletic Code
       370-Exhibit, Extracurricular Contract
       371, District-Sponsored Student Activities and Organizations
       371-Exhibit, District-Sponsored Student Activities and Organizations
       372, Student Publications
       373, Student Fundraising
       374, Student Contests & Tournaments
       374-Exhibit, District Funding of Student Contests and Tournaments
       381, Teaching About Controversial Issues
       383, Patriotic Observances


       411, Equal Educational Opportunities
       411.1, Harassment and/or Bullying of Students
       411.1-Rule, Harassment and/or Bullying of Students/Staff
       411.1-Exhibit(1), Student Grievance Form
       411.1-Exhibit(2), Harassment Reporting Form
       420, Student Admission
       420-Rule, Procedure for Placing Students From Home-based Educational Programs/Home-based 
               Private Education
       421, Entrance Age
       421-Rule, Procedure for Early Admission to Kindergarten and First Grade
       423, Participation of Non-Public School Students in District Courses/Programs
       424, Public School Open Enrollment
       431, Student Attendance
       431-Rule, Student Attendance/Truancy Procedures
       431-Exhibit, Notification of Habitual Truancy
       432, Elementary Attendance Areas
       441.1, Prohibition of Tobacco Use By or Near Students
       441.5, Student Conduct on School Buses
       441.5-Rule(1), Administrative Guidelines for Bus Disciplinary Action
       441.5-Rule(2a), School Bus Rider Conduct Letter
       441.5-Rule(2b), School Bus Passenger Conduct
       441.5-Exhibit, Letter to Parents to Sign Regarding Student Bus Rider Conduct
       442, Searches of Buildings and Grounds
       443, Student Behavior/Code of Conduct
       443-Rule, Procedures for Considering Removal from School Environment
       443-Exhibit, Official Notice to Parents of Student Suspension
       443.5, Student Possession and Use of Electronic Communication Devices
       447.4, Suspension and Expulsion of Students with Disabilities
       447.11, Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint in Schools
       451.2, Student Immunizations
       451.3, Communicable Diseases
       451.3-Rule(1), Communicable Disease Guidelines
       451.3-Rule(2), Guidelines for Handling Body Fluids
       453.61, Managing Life-Threatening Allergies
       453.61-Rule(1), Procedures for Managing Life-Threatening Allergies
       453.61-Rule(2), Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs
       455, Local Wellness Policy 
       461, Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship
       461-Rule, Tie Breaking Procedures for Academic Excellence Scholarships
       462, Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarships
       462-Rule(1), Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship Guidelines
       442-Rule(2), Wisconsin Technical Excellence Tiebreaker Procedures
       462-Exhibit, Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship Statement of Eligibility
       470, Student Fees
       470-Rule, Specific Student Fees


       511, Equal Opportunity Employment
       511-Rule, Employee Discrimination Complaint Procedures
       512, Employee Harassment
       512-Rule, Employee Harassment Complaint Procedures
       512-Exhibit, Discrimination or Harassment Formal Complaint Form
       521, Staff Involvement in Decision Making
       522.1, Drug Free Workplace
       522.2, Prohibition of Tobacco Use
       522.3, Staff Suspension/Discipline
       522.3-Rule, Staff Discipline Guidelines
       522.4, Staff Conflicts of Interest
       522.5, Building Security Guidelines for Staff
       523.1, Staff Physical Examinations
       523.2, Communicable Diseases
       523.2-Rule(1), Communicable Disease Guidelines
       523.2-Rule(2), Guidelines for Handling Body Fluids
       523.3, Staff Wellness Program
       523.,7 Risk Control Program
       523.7-Rule, Risk Management
       524, Staff Solicitations
       525, Personnel Records
       525.1, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Authorization of Use Policy
       525.12, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) Administrative Security Safeguards
       527, Acceptable Use by Staff of District Internet/Technology Resources
       527-Rule(1), Information and Technology Resources Acceptable Use Code of Conduct-Staff
       527-Rule(2), SDMA Laptop Program Employee Responsibilities
       529, Employee Grievances
       529-Rule, Grievance Procedure
       529-Exhibit, Employee Grievance
       531, Professional Staff Positions
       532.2, Staff Fringe Benefits
       532.11, Family and Medical Leave
       532.11-Exhibit(1), Request for Family and Medical Leave of Absence
       532.11-Exhibit(2a), Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition (FMLA)
       532.11 Exhibit(2b), Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition (FMLA)
       532.11-Exhibit(3), Authorization of Fitness to Return to Work
       532.11-Exhibit(4), Employee Rights Under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
       532.12, Absences for Disability or Jury Duty
       533, Staffing
       534, Substitute Teachers
       535, Staff Assignments and Transfers
       537, Professional Development Planning
       537.1, PI-34-Teacher Licensing and Licensure Renewal
       538, Professional Staff Evaluation
       539.1, Tutoring
       542.32, Wages, Hours and Conditions of Employment (Nonunion Executive Assistants)
       542.32-Exhibit, Wages, Hours and Conditions of Employment (Nonunion Executive Assistants)
       542.33, Wages, Hours and Conditions of Employment (Support Staff Coordinators)
       542.33-Exhibit, Salary for Support Staff Coordinators
       542.34, Wages, Hours, and Condition of Employment (Supervisory Aides and Child Care Aide Assistants)
       542.34-Exhibit, Wages, Hours, and Condition of Employment (Supervisory Aides and Child Care Aide Assistants)
      544, Substitute Support Staff


       610, Fiscal Management Goals
       610.1, Fund Balance
       620, Annual Operating Budget
       621, Budget Implementation
       621.1, Authorization to Provide Special Programs
       630, Tax and Debt Limitations (Short Term Borrowing)
       634, Continuing Disclosure Compliance
       634-Rule, Procedures Regarding Continuing Disclosure Compliance
       634-Exhibit, Continuing Disclosure Annual Review Checklist
       640, State and Federal Aid
       651, Revenues from Investments
       652, Gate Receipts and Admissions
       652.1, Free Admissions
       661, Depository of Funds
       661.1, Authorized Signatures
       662, Student Activity Funds
       662-Rule, Management of Student Activity Accounts 663 Petty Cash Funds
       663, Petty Cash Funds
664, Bonded Employees and Officers
       665, Fraud
       671, Salary and Payroll Management
       671.1, Expense Reimbursements
       671.1-Exhibit(1), Expense Reimbursements
       671.1-Exhibit(2), Expense Report – Reimbursement Request Form
       671.2, Tax-sheltered Annuities 672 Purchasing
       672, Purchasing
       673, Payment Procedures
       681, Insurance, Appraisal, and Inventory
       690, School Properties Disposal


       721-Rule, Animals in Menomonie Area Schools
       721-Exhibit, Pet Visitation Request Form
       723, Emergency Plans
       723.1, Emergency Drills
       723.2, Emergency School Closings
       723.3, Automated External Defibrillator
       732.1, Security Cameras
       732.31, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Use
       732.31-Exhibit, Use of Drones Requirement Checklist
       742, Authorized Use of School-owned Equipment
       751, Student Transportation Services
       751.1, Bus Routing and Scheduling
       751.2, Extracurricular Transportation
       751.2-Rule, Extracurricular Transportation/Coach Busing
       760, Food Services Management
       761, Free and Reduced Price Meals
763, Management of Student School Meal Accounts
       781, Management of Self-Funded Group Health/Medical Plan of Benefits
       781-Rule, Guidelines for Administration of the District’s Self-Insured Health/Medical Trust
       782, Errors and Omissions


       812, Community and Adult Education
       823.2, Electronic Storage of Public Records
       830, Use of School Buildings
       830-Exhibit, District Facilities: Priority Use and Charges
       831, Prohibition of Tobacco Use
       832, Weapons on School Premises
       834, Motor Vehicles on School Grounds
       835, Naming District Facilities
       840, Public Gifts to Schools
       850, Advertising and Promotion on School Premises
       860, Visitors to the Schools/Authority to Ban Individuals from School Premises
       860-Exhibit, Legal Notice of Ban from Menomonie Area School District
       870, PublicComplaints and Concerns
       870-Rule, Procedures for Handling Public Complaints/Concerns
       883, Memorials