Frequently Asked Questions

Identification of Talented and Gifted Learners  (4 Questions)

1. What assessments are used in determining the criteria for the Gifted and Talented program?

The assessment used in our National Percentiles Rankings could include: STAR, Forward Exam, Badger 3-8, SAGES-2, ACT-Aspire, ACT, and SAT. We are looking for data points of 97% and higher on these multiple assessments. 


2. What do I do if I think my child is not being challenged in their course work?

The first person you need to talk with is your child's teacher for the area(s) you are having concerns within their academics.


3. What if I'm not sure if my child is gifted?

First, talk with your child's classroom teacher. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge and usually have a pretty good idea if the child is exhibiting tendencies of a gifted learner. They will know the process and can guide you through it. Your child's classroom teacher will look at the data collected from their data walls. We are looking for multiple data points for nationally normed assessments that were mentioned in question 1. 
We look for 2 to 3 data points on those assessments of 97%, 98% and 99% scores within the academic areas. Example:  STAR-ELA-97%, Badger 3-8, ELA-98% and maybe the SAGES-2 has been given to your child and then they score 97% on the Reading/Social Studies subtest. That would be 3 data points within a given academic area. Your child would be identified gifted Tier 1-ELA by the Professional, Learning, Community (PLC). Then, the G/T Coordinator would discuss the data results with the parents and a Developmental, Educational, Plan (DEP) would be developed for your child with their team. 


4. Who should I contact if I want more information?

Please contact Mary Henry at 715-664-8546 or email