Course & Youth Options, AP Classes & Virtual Schooling

Other possible options available to Gifted and Talented students are the following: Course and Youth Options, Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Virtual School. Please discuss these options with your G/T facilitator. They need to be written into your Developmental, Educational, Plan (DEP) with your team. Refer to HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION on the HS guidance page.

High School Counselors:

Jared Fern, Counselor A-He…………………ext. 41371

Angela Ruchti, Counselor Hf-Q…………ext. 41372

Juan Ramirez, Counselor R-Z….…………..ext. 41377

Karen Debee, Secretary/Registrar………..ext. 40137

Ryan Sterry, School to Careers Coordinator...ext. 40171


         Graduation requirements are designed to give you a well-balanced program that provides the skills and understanding necessary to become a well-educated individual.  Wide ranges of electives are available to help you explore and develop your special interests and abilities.  The responsibility for this planning rests primarily with you, but you are encouraged to seek help from your parents, teachers and counselor.

         Also helpful is the “Four Year Course Plan” which some students may have penciled in during a high school activity.  Another copy of the form is located near the front of this booklet.  You can also use this form for your home records. 

         This course description book will help you plan your program of courses for your years at Menomonie High School.  The time you spend planning your schedule will help you avoid many obstacles once school begins. 

         You will receive a “Student Course Selection” form during class time.  You must complete and return the Student Course Selection form even if you are registering online!  This is because the high school must collect additional information for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  Failure to return the Student Course Selection form by the due date listed on the form will result in your requests (classes) being selected by a counselor and entered last.

         Please understand that the time of year and period of the day that courses meet will only be determined when the master schedule is finished being built.  It is impossible to determine that information now.


The Advanced Placement Program (AP) is a cooperative educational endeavor between high schools and colleges and universities.  AP courses require a great deal of reading and extra work.  They are meant to challenge the advanced level student who is interested in doing more.  Advanced level students enroll in college-level courses while in high school, and have the opportunity to show mastery by taking an AP Exam(s) in May.  Students are required to pay a fee for the exam(s) if they choose to be tested.  Currently the fee is approximately $90.00 per exam and is subject to change without notice. 

Menomonie High School offers AP courses in many different curriculum areas.  If the student’s score is high enough on the AP Exam, they may earn college credit at nearly all US colleges.

The Menomonie School District has partnered with the DPI Wisconsin Virtual School to provide virtual opportunities for our students.  The program was developed to better serve the unmet needs of some of our students.  WVS serves school districts, helping to provide virtual learning options and viable course selections for our students. 

When considering virtual options for students, many important factors need careful thought.  Therefore, students and parents are strongly encouraged to talk to their high school counselor when considering this option.  Also, students and parents may refer to our website at: for initial and brief information. 



         The Youth Options program allows all public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take college courses at Wisconsin technical colleges or public or private colleges and universities.  The program opens the door to greater learning opportunities for students.  If they qualify, students can earn college credit as well as high school graduation credits.  In most instances, the tuition and other expenses of the college level course is paid by the school district.

         Each year, all students are given information about this program in September.  Eligible students are given the opportunity to apply for the program at that time, and again in the spring.  

Youth Options DPI
UW-Stout Youth Options 


         Students enrolled in a Wisconsin public school district may apply to take up to two courses at a time at one or a combination of Educational Institutions at no cost to the student.  Students remain enrolled in their resident school districts for the majority of their classes, and the resident school district is responsible for the cost of the course.  If the application is accepted, students can earn college credit as well as high school graduation credits.  Parents and students may obtain application forms from their school counselor or at .  The application form must be received by the Educational Institution no later than six weeks before the scheduled start of the course.

Board Policy on Course Options
343.4, Course Options Program.pdf